Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project 365

Or more accurately, Project 366, as 2012 is a leap year.  I have felt that I've been in a photography rut this past year and was thinking about taking a break from taking pics for awhile.  But then a blog post from Weekly Photo Tips piqued my interest back in December.  The post made me take pause.  And then while Flipboarding on the iPad I came across an article from Photojojo.  A photo a day for a year?  The pause became reflective time (it helped that it was the holidays).  Hmmm....

So, I've taken up the challenge of a 365 project (rather than take a break, which would upset some grandparents, I think!).  The pics aren't meant to be spectacular (though I hope some will be over time).  The photos will be more a journal than a portfolio.  I will be forced to carry my camera with me everywhere and be less self-concious about it. And a pic a day is harder than one might think. I almost forgot to take a picture the fourth day in and had to scramble to come up with something. However, my creative juices flow well when I am under pressure, or so my spouse tells me.

I waited a week before blogging about the project just in case I couldn't sustain it.  But, seven days in, I'm still at it, so here are the first seven (I'll blog once a week on the project):

You can also see the pics here.

My spouse reminded me that Flash does not work on iPads (at least without other apps), so iPad users, go here.

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