Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cold Snap

2012 01 19 SimonAfter three days of indoor recess my students were a just a little (lot) cabin feverish today.  I was ecstatic happy to send them on their way at 3:30 PM. Brr, it's cold outside!  Up until the end of last week we were spoiled with mild winter temperatures (though not spoiled with as much snow as we would like).   We had almost forgotten what winter was really like up here in the near north.

Aside: Near north, ha!  When we lived in TO the Algonquin Park area was known as the "near North".  They don't know what near north really is.  "Ha!", I say again. 

Three days of indoor recess make for very cranky staff and students.  On indoor recess days, there are no breaks.  It was an exhausting day, topped by little sleep (Sprouts are sick and up at night) and cranking out five days of emergency lesson plans.

The best part of the day was coming home.  I opened the door and asked my spouse (who was home today with sick Sprouts) to please turn on the kettle.  She replied, "Your tea is already steeping."  Bliss.

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