Saturday, June 23, 2012

Birthday Boy

2012 06 23 Birthday BoyAmidst all the hustle and bustle of vacation preparations and packing we quietly celebrated Jo's fifth birthday today.  All week he counted not only the sleeps to today, his birthday, but tomorrow, our departure date for travelling, visiting family and friends, sightseeing, train riding, swimming, exploring and camping.

"It was a good day today!", Jo stated at supper.

Yes, it was, little man.  A great start to the summer holiday season.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Jo's Class Trip

2012 06 07 Class Trip 001

Jo bubbles over with excitement.

"Sit with me, Papa!", he shouts out the window, before I am even on the bus.

I sit down beside him. He and his classmates chat animatedly about the day over the tops of the seats, conversations interspersed with silly jokes and laughter.

A trip to the fire station, lunch at a park, glow in the dark bowling and McDonald's. What kindergarterner would not be excited? I am glad I can share the day with my son, wearing my parent hat and leaving my teacher hat back on my desk at the school.

Jo checks out fire trucks from the second floor of the fire station.

2012 06 07 Class Trip 007

Jo poses with a "fireman". Not really a fireman, as it's me all decked out in fire gear. It's very warm wearing this gear (and heavy!). I can't imagine wearing it while fighting fires.

2012 06 07 Class Trip 033

Jo gets his chance to wear some gear, too.

2012 06 07 Class Trip 036
2012 06 07 Class Trip 039
2012 06 07 Class Trip 042

After lunch, bowling. It's Jo's first bowling experience. He likes the bowling part and glowing in the dark ("Teacher said wear something with white!"), but he's most fascinated with the bowling ball return system.

2012 06 07 Class Trip 0472012 06 07 Class Trip 051
2012 06 07 Class Trip 0532012 06 07 Class Trip 055

After bowling, a stop at McDonald's to enjoy a Happy Meal.

2012 06 07 Class Trip 056

As we sit on the bus to come home, Jo asks, "Do you think Mama would like to visit the firestation tomorrow? And go bowling? And..."

An exhausted boy curls up with his Papa on the bus ride home (an hour and a half ride).

2012 06 07 Class Trip 060