Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Doing It Old School

My students have adjusted more quickly than I to the loss of the SMARTboard in my classroom.  Boy, I miss that huge piece of technology now just hanging there on the wall, taking up valuable chalkboard space.  Sigh.

My week after the much needed March break did not start well.  I walked into my classroom as usual, laden with my laptop bag, my teaching bag and my camera bag, ready to take on the day.  I turned on the SMARTboard (SB), opened up and turned on the laptop and went about my business.  Yet I sensed something was not right in my room (I think it was the lack of noise from the board's projector that alerted me).  I looked at my SB and noticed it was not on, the power button glowing red (it should have been green).  Huh.  I got up, went over and pressed the power button.  Now a pulsing red light.  Great.  No idea how to fix the problem.  All my lesson plans on the SB just go out the window and I now have thirty minutes to revamp all the plans for the day.

And my day (and week) went downhill from there.

It took a while for me to adjust to going back to what my students call "old school teaching", or the pre-SMARTboard era.  It's amazing how technology shapes the way we accomplish our tasks, the way we teach, interact, communicate and even think.  I'm now juggling a digital projector and laptop, overhead projector, pulldown screens, chalkboard and chart paper all to communicate ideas that until recently I used just one piece of technology to do so.  I miss the interaction with the SMARTboard.  And with all the chalk I'm using, my sinuses are acting up again (my chalk box is still quite full this year). 

I don't know if and when the board will be replaced (a techie came to check it out, but had no immediate solutions), so I need to be matter of fact about the whole situation and continue doing my job to the best of my ability (however much more work the situation creates).  Besides, it's amusing for my students when I touch the pull down screen by accident, muscle memory working overtime thinking it's an interactive screen.  A good laugh goes a long way in my classroom.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Older Sprout in Black & White

2012 03 11 Fiona

Older Sprout

2012 03 11 Outdoors 006
2012 03 11 Outdoors 016 2012 03 11 Outdoors 003
2012 03 11 Outdoors 017

The Big Melt

Spring arrived a little early this year. It's hard to believe that five days ago we were all bundled up for -20C weather. Yesterday the Sprouts enjoyed the warm temps and melting snow, running around without any jackets on. My spouse and I pulled out the deck chairs and soaked up the sun, reading, chatting and listening to the Sprouts' joyful dialogue and laughter. What a great way to start a much needed March break!

2012 03 11 Outdoors 015 2012 03 11 Outdoors 007
2012 03 11 Outdoors 013 2012 03 11 Outdoors 010
2012 03 11 Outdoors 008

Made Me Think: Three Little Pigs

Via Laughing Squid