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Photo Challenge: Water

I finally finished downloading loads of vacation photos from memory cards into Lightroom 4.  I quickly scanned through them this morning to find photos that directly or indirectly fit July's photo challenge "Water".  View them below, or head on over to the set on my Flickr stream.

X Marks the Spot

2012 07 05 X Marks the Spot


2012 08 01 Home 001After thirty eight days of travel it is good to be home. The mountain of laundry is becoming a hummock, the car is cleaned and vaccuumed (well, it was until Sprout 2 was sick in the backseat on the way to town this morning), the trailer is airing out and the family settling into a "normal" routine. It's a pleasure to be able to cook in our own kitchen and eat as a family at our own table. And after being in close quarters for a significant part of the trip (especially the trailer and the car), all the family members are enjoying the space of our home, being able to find quiet places to read, play and sleep. In the next few days and weeks expect anecdotes (and photos, too) from the trip. Now, back to my book!