Thursday, January 12, 2012

If You...

If you are planning a guided reading lesson about polar bears early in the morning, you take a break and listen to your morning internet radio station.

Because you listen to this station, you will hear the radio host talk about a TO book store video that has gone viral.

You enjoy stop motion videos, so you Google the book store and video.

The search engine provides you with the video, so you watch it.

It makes you smile, so you check out the other videos by the videographer.

Your son comes downstairs, climbs up on your lap and demands, "Play that one Papa!", so you click on a polar bear video.

Five polar bear videos and many giggles later, you are reminded of viewing a few years ago the polar bears at the Toronto Zoo.

And chances are, if you look at pictures of polar bears, you will be reminded of what you were originally doing, so you return to planning a guided reading lesson about polar bears.

(With apologies to Laura Joffe Numeroff).

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