Saturday, February 25, 2012

Third Time the Charm?

On the long, slow, snowy drive, just over half way from town, I crested the hill and there it was.  The elusive lynx.  It was my second sighting of this cat in the four years we have lived in NW Ontario.  The first time I slowed the car to a stop in order to watch the spiky eared cat pad across the road on its large paws and then disappear into the forest.   It was a shady part of the drive, so I didn't even bother picking up my camera from the passenger seat to take a photo.  At today's sighting and before the cat moved off, I pulled over, quickly picked up my camera and shot a few frames, hoping to get at least one photo.  But, alas, shooting through a dirty windshield of a vibrating car does not a sharp photo make.  As I got out of the car, the lynx moved into the forest.  And then I noticed the smaller kittens that had already crossed the road and were in the trees.  If only I had been a minute or so earlier on the scene.  Sigh.  Maybe the third time around I'll get at least one sharp capture of a lynx.  But, as my spouse pointed out when I told her my story, at least I saw a lynx, and a lynx family at that.  It's a rare treat to see these secretive animals even once, let alone twice.

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Jodi.C said...

They are such beautiful animals. It's slightly blurry, but a great photo anyhow.. and on my netbook, it looks perfectly crisp to me.