Saturday, February 11, 2012

Project 365: Week 6

Taking photos this week was hard, mostly because of time restraints (report cards, writing assessments, reading benchmarks, etc.) and exhaustion. I quickly grabbed a capture each day, hoping it would turn out when I loaded the pics into Lightroom on the weekend. Tonight I tried my hand at some abstract photos because my earlier photos from the day were crap less than desirable and I needed to come up with something else. The abstract attempt became an exercise in frustration because I need a better tripod for macro work and a whole lot more patience dealing with olive oil (don't ask). I did learn some things tonight and will come back to the abstract later to improve upon it. So this week is done. In spite of all the extra school work this week, I managed to take a pic or two each day, which was the goal of this project.

Time to go clean up the mess I made...

You can also see the pics here or here.

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